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We offer a drug-free, non-surgical and FDA class two medical device for the treatment of knee pain. How would your life change if your knee pain was signifincatly improved?

Would You Like To Do Any of These Activities If Your Knee Pain Was Better?

Walk Without Pain or a Limp

Walking without knee pain and without a limp

Dance Again

Couple dancing pain free

Restart Hobbies

Man Golfing Without Knee Pain

Play With Grandchildren

Playing with grandchildren pain free

Go On Vacation

Couple vacationing in Europe

Go Shopping For Hours Without Pain

Friends shopping without knee pain

There May Be Hope For You!

Our program works for a wide variety of knee complaints

Does Your Pain Keep Getting Worse or Is Staying The Same?


Have You Tried Drugs, Physical Therapy or Chiropractic?

Have all of these treatments failed to heal your pain for the long-term?

Do You Think There Are No Other Options?

Have you tried everything else and feel like nothing will help you? Or maybe you feel the drugs only mask the symptoms and give you bad side effects?



The best way for us to know if we can help your specific problem is for you to sign up for the exam package. This way the doctor can do a consultation & tests to determine if you would be a good candidate for our program.

Our Tailored Knee Rehabilitation Program works because it addresses the main causes of knee problems…

Decreases Inflammation Within The Knee With a FDA Class Two Medical Device

FDA Class Two Medical Device for reducing inflammation in the knees

We utilize a FDA class two medical device to assist your body in healing your pain and inflammation in the knee. This device has been shown to reduce pain, decrease inflammation and even support the growth of collagen (cartilage). This device can help create a healing environment for the knee.

Provides The Correct Building Blocks For Knee Tissues

Picture of Knee Supplements

We utilize the best and most researched knee support supplements. These supplements, along with our other methods give your knee’s what they need to be able to keep inflammation down and support the healing process of your knees.

Decreases The Load On Arthritic Knees

Osteoarthritis knee brace

When needed we use a knee unloading brace to get pressure off arthritic structures in the knee and stop inflammation before it starts.

Strengthens & Conditions The Knee

woman doing knee rehabilitation exercises

We design and implement a knee rehabilitation program specifically for your condition. This program is designed to increase knee stability and flexibility, while improving range of motion. 

What Does The Knee Focused Initial Exam Package Include?

Our exam, consultation & x-rays typically cost $452, but we are offering it for only $47. This offer won’t last long because the doctor is getting very busy.


You get a thorough review of history and consultation with the doctor.

Focused Orthopedic Exam

 The exam includes knee focused orthopedic tests to determine the cause of your knee pain.


If the doctor feel’s you need x-rays, they will be done at no extra cost ($297 value). 

Report Of Findings

The doctor will go over the results of your tests and will let you know if you are a good condidate for the program.

Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Dickson is amazing. I haven’t gotten relief anywhere else. He has helped me both physically and mentally.”



“Dr. Dickson has helped me more than any other doctor, he really cares.”



Dr. Dickson was amazing and so helpful! He was honest and took the time to answer my questions about my health. I would highly recommend!



“I honestly thought i’d have to give up martial arts, snowboarding, hiking, and so many other things that I love doing. Dr. Dickson is fixing my worn out back, he works magic.



Dr. Dickson is a very passionate doctor who really listens to my needs and explains the science behind his methods. I recommend everyone to try Dr. Dickson, you will be on a better path of good health once you are under his care.”


Sales Rep

Dr. Dickson is an exceptional doctor with extensive knowledge and a heart that shows concern for his patients. He attentively listens and answers questions , so his patients understand the healing benefits of the care he provides. He truely is one in a million and has helped me the most out of any other doctor.”



Meet The Doctor

Picture of Doctor Joel Dickson D.C., the neuropathy specialist of Neuropathy of Sacramento

Dr. Joel Dickson D.C.

Dr. Dickson will be your personal doctor, taking care of you every step of the way. He loves taking the “hard” cases, where other doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists could not help in the long run. Dr. Dickson truly understands the debilitating pain and disability that can come from knee pain because he personally rehabilitated his knee’s after they were damaged from running on concrete. Dr. Dickson dove deep into the research on the best non-surgical treatments for knee pain and put those treatments into this program. Dr. Dickson combined the best of the best and believes he has the most advanced and comprehensive non-surgical treatment for knee pain available today. 

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